Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Courtney for Peace Love World

Courtney, age 10, just booked for Peace Love World. Courtney's other bookings include several direct bookings for Next UK Spring/Summer 2013 advertising and catalogs, Next UK Fall/Winter 2013 advertising and catalogs, a direct booking for New Balance, a direct booking for Moda Bambini Magazine and Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, Toys R Us, Super Soakers,Target, a 5 day booking for 2013 catalogs and advertising for the biggest mail order company in France, La Redoute, a Tummy Stuffers commercial and a Hunt Miller commercial.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Devoni's Direct Booking for Royal Caribbean Cruises

Devoni, age 7, just direct booked a national Royal Caribbean Cruises commercial. Devoni's other recent assignments include a multiple days booking for Children's Place, a direct booking for Littlewoods, a direct booking for Walmart, a direct booking for Photo Link UK, a direct booking for Moda Bambini Magazine and Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, a direct booking for a City Furniture commercial and a direct booking for the USA Network.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Haylie's Kentucky Fried Chicken Commercial

Haylie, age 10, just booked a Kentucky Fried Chicken commercial. Haylie's other credits include Aeroppostale, Children's Place, Spring 2013 JC Penney ad campaigns and catalogs, Primark, Bon Prix, Tobetoo, Bed Bath and Beyond, Pineapple, Regatta, Adidas, Belk, Aldi, Charles Vogele, We Love Pop UK, Tobetoo, Speedo, Converse, a direct booking for Office Depot, a direct booking for Moda Bambini Magazine, three days of direct bookings for Summer 2013 Next UK advertising campaigns and catalogs. two direct bookings for magazine editorial features and a direct booking for Burn Notice.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Alexa for Moda Bambini Magazine

Alexa, age 9 recently booked a fall/winter editorial feature for Moda Bambini Magazine. Alexa's other recent print bookings include H&M Sweden, Monkey Business and Seasons. Commercials include Mattel, Barbie and Crystal Geyser. (partial list)

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Maya's Direct Booking for Junior Magazine UK

Maya, age 6, recently direct booked for Junior Magazine UK. Maya's other recent bookings include a direct booking for Blue Green Resorts, a direct booking for a Pattern commercial, a direct booking for a Lumi Doh commercial, a direct booking for a Seat Pets commercial, Canadian Tire, VeriMeri and multiple days for Chasing Fireflies.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Street Looks a Go Go at Mercedez Benz Fashion Week

Street Looks a Go Go is the hottest thing to hit city streets since Mercedes Benz first introduced the SLS AMG - and you can be first among your friends to like Street Looks a Go Go by clicking on image above or on the Like button at top right of the next column.